Bethel Ft. Worth

6801 Meadowbrook Dr.,

Fort Worth, TX 76112​

• (817) 457-1111 •

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Welcome to Bethel Fort Worth! We are passionate about connecting communities to the Nothing is Impossible Life by Igniting Change in them. We believe we do this through our three simple steps of
Connect  -  Grow  -  Go


Experience the

Nothing is Impossible Life

Sundays: 10:30am
Where We Are
What To Expect

When you arrive at Bethel, you will be greeted by some very excited people. It’s our mission and intention to make everyone feel at home at Bethel Ft. Worth, and we hope that your very first impression is a warm one. You can expect the service to last about 1 hour and 15 minutes, with a fantastic kids program that will have your kids wanting to come back. 

At Bethel, we are passionate about Igniting Change

in hundreds who will Ignite Change in thousands.

So we work diligently to connect communities

to the Nothing Is Impossible Life.