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The objective of Fresh Start is to know and live a refreshing Christian life. We know it is not impossible to live a refreshing life, because we are promised times of refreshing when we turn to Jesus (Acts 3:19). During this highly engaging class, you will not only learn about God’s love but how you as an individual receive God’s love. Every person’s view of love and their ability to receive and experience it has been distorted through sin. You will leave refreshed and empowered to live daily knowing that you are growing and living a victorious Christian life. AND you will not do this alone; your mentor will go through it with you. If you do not have a mentor, we would love to help you connect to one!

Fresh Start

Now that you have completed the Fresh Start let’s keep it fresh with a 40-day devotional. You, your mentor, and one or two other people will grow together using the YouVersion Bible app on your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Each day will have scriptures and application, along with questions for your group to discuss. By completing the Keep it Fresh you will grow in confidence knowing you can live the nothing is impossible life.

Fifteen for Forty

Sin is the biggest issue holding people back from the nothing is impossible life. The weight of sin does not need to be carried throughout the Christian life. How do you walk in the freedom Jesus has promised? The answer and the daily victory is found during this retreat. The encounter is strategic, using experiences with God as well as spiritual assessments.
The Encounter God weekend will help you:

•    Ignite or reignite God’s presence in your life through powerful worship experiences

•    Discover or rediscover your freedom in Christ through His word and prayer

•    Find or renew the power of the Spirit in your life through the Holy Spirit’s baptism


You will never be the same after attending this off-site encounter weekend. AND you will not do this alone; your mentor will go through it with you.

Encounter God Weekend

Relationships are the most important thing to our Father in Heaven. During this Friday and Saturday encounter, you can expect to know what Biblical forgiveness, true repentance, and reconciliation are. You will leave with deep inner healing and the tools to restore a relationship, where possible. True forgiveness can lead to authentic physical and emotional healing. Areas covered are: Forgiveness Why? Forgiveness What? Forgiveness How? Here are what a few people have said after attending an Encounter Forgiveness seminar:

•    “This was life transforming!”

•    “There was no condemnation and I was encouraged by the love.”

•    “I have received healing in understanding who God says I am.”

•    “Restoration! Freedom and Peace!”

•    “I received an internal spiritual cleansing from walking through forgiveness!”

Encounter Forgiveness

You are almost there! This 1-day class will immerse you in all the principles to put the nothing is impossible life in action. The result will be you igniting change in others. You will discover your God-given S.H.A.P.E., what spiritual gifts mean to you and how to use them, how to change lives through mentorship, and what membership looks like at Bethel Fort Worth. You will receive everything you need to start storing up your treasures in Heaven.

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